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Full Version: 4 dream recent fragments, 1 possibly precognitive
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1. I'm in a psychology course and am supposed to take a test but I feel most of psychology is unimportant and the only thing worth investigating is the nature of consciousness…. I flunk the psychology test. [My reaction in waking life:  Big Grin  ]
2. I dream I take some drugs that are cosmic and mind changing in some fashion. I think it is DMT.
3. I dream about using my digital recorder to record several dreams [but in the morning upon waking find I have not recorded any dreams Huh ]
4. I dream I am a professional baseball player but I can't find my hat. I feel I need a team hat. [In waking life I've recently offered to help a young house painter on a job. I am a retired painting contractor and have not done any painting for nearly a decade. Before leaving for this work I feel I need a hat. Searching through a box of old clothing suitable for painting work I come across a Seattle Mariners baseball hat. Precognition? maybe.