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Full Version: Gas Chamber Laboratory
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This was an odd dream for me because I was not myself. I was a man. I was being walked inside some sort of laboratory with either a scientist or a doctor. They were wearing a very clean, white lab coat and had a chart in their hand. The facility was also extremely white and clean. After walking down this long hall with the guy in the lab coat, we came to a reinforced concrete room with a bunch of other guys in it. There were three guys playing cards and three watching. I seemed to know two of the guys watching. We were all under the impression that we were being paid to do clinical trials, but I don't know of what. We were there to make money.

After talking to the men a bit, the guy in the lab coat wrote a few things down and had me and my two friends follow him out of the room. He said that the men in the room were going to start their trials and that we needed to go to the room further down and await our own. So we started down the hall to a room a few feet away, but before I went into the room, I looked over my shoulder to see the guy in the coat close the door with the guys in it. I couldn't help but notice that the door was a huge, steel reinforced door with a tiny window. I thought that was kind of odd... but thought that was just how the building was made. I also thought it was odd seeing the guy in the lab coat book it to the end of the hall as if he were in a hurry, but I was sure that was also probably nothing.

Our room was cold. It was all white painted concrete and steel just like the other. There were no decorations. I didn't see any sort of advertisements for any kind of products... I sat in a steel chair with my arms folded for a minute while the other two guys talked. Looking around I noticed several rather large, rusty-looking vents just below the ceiling. It was very cold so I assumed it was AC even though there was no breeze. I also noticed a couple of cameras mounted to two upper corners of the room. After a short while I could hear what sounded like beating on the inside of that room we were just in, but the door was so big, it was very faint. SO faint, it took me a second to even be sure I heard anything at all. I peeped out of the room and the halls were empty. Something didn't feel right and I felt the urgent need to run!

I yelled to the other guys that we had to get out NOW and we all took off down the long hall to the entrance. Me and one of the other guys made it outside, but one of the guys was a bit heavier and not as fast and he just collapsed on the floor and was convulsing several feet away. I suddenly realized that they had filled the building with a powerful gas that they were testing as a sort of weapon intended for mass destruction and it was extremely dangerous to go back in, but I held my breath and went in again thinking that maybe I could drag him back out. Maybe if he got fresh air he'd be okay? I grabbed his arm but he was too heavy for me to pull out quickly enough, especially without taking a breath. Also, when I grabbed his arm I noticed he had no pulse, so I let him go and quickly ran back out.

The other guy was mad at me for not pulling him out but I told him that I couldn't, especially without being able to breath and anyway, I knew from grabbing his arm he was already dead. But the guy got very emotional and said he was going in to save him. I tackled him to the ground and tried to tell him that this was a really strong gas... (something with an x in it or an x sound but I can't remember the name I gave him in the dream) and that if he went back in, he WOULD die because at this point, that whole joint was filled. We shouldn't even be standing so close to the door!

The area around the facility looked very tropical and near water or a beach, and I felt like we needed to haul butt out of there because we didn't know if these people would want us dead too, if for no other reason than to keep us from talking. Nothing I said got through to the guy though and as soon as I turned my back he ran back into that building and I woke up.
Xenon gas is sometimes used as an anesthetic.