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Full Version: Destruction in Charleston. SC
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This dream was more than I can recall.  But what I do remember is that I am inside of a hotel.  It feels mainly wooden and perhaps old and historical.  Suddenly the building is on fire! I start to run to get away from the flames.  The house feels 'twisted' or moved perhaps because of an earthquake. On the staircase I see JH (a fellow I know) and then in another space I see DB (another fellow I know).  It is either them or someone that makes me think of them. I continue on to get out of building.  It is scary. I think how I am in Charleston, South Carolina but then I see a connection to Raleigh, NC. The END
Hurricane Dorian is a powerful Category 5 storm that is headed for the eastern coast of United States.  Possible pathways show it coming ashore in South Carolina. This could be the Destruction in Charleston,South Carolina that I saw in my dream.  A strong hurricane can move and twist a house.  Also fires do break out during such events.  The storms path could bring it on up into North Carolina impacting Raleigh, NC.  Will have to keep watching to see.  Also a note of interest.  I had a contact with JH today for the first time in probably ten years.
Are you near the east coast?
Ridley, it won't surprise me if Dorian matches your dream. thanks for documenting the dream when you did.
An update and some comments.  Hurricane Dorian did come close to the South Carolina coast causing damage in the Charleston and surrounding areas. Fortunately it was not as bad as it could have been.  In Charleston there is still a massive clean up underway.  Huge amounts of debris has been a problem. According to news media there is enough debris to cover 375 acres of land five feet deep. At least 4 deaths have been blamed on the storm in Charleston area. I do not know for sure if this is the destruction that I saw in my dream.  (I do know that I have had dreams over several years of earthquake destruction in this part of the USA.)  I did state in my original posting that this dream was more than I could recall.  There was a lot before and more after that felt urgent but was cloudy and dark to me.  If my dream was of Dorian, then perhaps the total devastation of the Bahamas was somehow mixed in with the scenes of Charleston.  After South Carolina, Dorian moved up the coast. Ocracoke Island off  the NC coast was severely damaged by wind and flooding as well.  It will take  a lot of hard work, time and money to get everything back the way it was before.