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Full Version: Monsters at my door
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Very interesting dreams last night as they kept repeating, about being in "my" house at night, being awake and afraid, knowing that the werewolves were outside trying to get inside.  I can see and hear them outside.  Then the dream transitions and one of my friends (she's a psychic) is inside the house with me, telling me that I should "go upstairs and go to sleep so that I don't hear them"; "them" being some sort of spirit or banshee that is going to be outside my door very soon and if I listen to it, it will not be good for me (almost like, being taken over or possessed sort of thing could happen).  I wake up as I'm walking up the stairs.  

To me, this dream is clearly communicating to me that I am dealing with those "dark things that go bump in the night"/all that of which I am afraid that is in the darkness; it's coming knocking, to be seen and brought to the light.
Thanks for the dream, Venunka, and WELCOME to the NDC! Sometimes in dreamwork the house is interpreted to mean the dreamer's body. Perhaps your psychic friend in the dream is saying that your shelter away from the dark entities is actually in your head. Perhaps mental awareness? In psychotherapy, it's sometimes called "Defusion." Anyway, thank for this dream and again, welcome!