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Full Version: Impending disaster
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I dreamed there was going to be some kind of impending disaster. In my dream I am married but I am not in real life. My dream husband insisted that we get in the car and leave the house we are living in to be safe from the disaster. I said okay but I have a box of supplies at the office and I need to go get those. I showed up at the office (a library, which was closed at the time) and there were people hanging around in the parking lot. At the back door there were a few people and one of them was wearing a trainee shirt. He said he wanted to get into the building and get something that belonged to him. I was a little suspicious but I let him in and told him, "okay I am going to escort you while you are in here and also escort you out." because I felt it was my responsibility to make sure he didn't steal or vandalize inside the building. He was visibly disturbed by this and was standing there hesitating. I figured he really just came in either to steal something or to try to take shelter in the library building. I somehow managed to hustle him out the back door even though he was much bigger than me. I grabbed my box of supplies (I think it was filled with things like toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, etc.) and left the building wondering where my husband was thinking of us going to be safe from the disaster. I somehow didn't get the impression that it was a hurricane.

dreamed 11-3-2019