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Full Version: Floods & Ruins
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Hello everyone,

I've been busy of late trying to change things that I believe are coming, to no success... The ball now is in the US citizens hands. What your working to stop is 2024.

So my PDs recent and the ones yet to come.

1. around 4 weeks ago: "86, It will be close in the north". This referred to the recent UK elections and the exact number of seats in the Exit Poll. Close in the North is the number of votes in certain constituencies. I was trying to change this outcome and result via spreading the word and campaigning... to no availĀ  Sad

2. Major Flooding and Storms... I was seeing a TV screen and raging torrents swelled across roads terrible winds, almost biblical amounts of rainfall and road signs were being ripped out of the concrete.

3. Two bankers discussing when they would move the bank's main headquarters to mainland Europe.

4. Factories in ruins... I was walking in a once-thriving factory now derelict all machines removed and shipped off, I was with a group of people scavenging.

My efforts with the UK election had enveloped me totally such was my attempt to change future outcomes leaving me physically and mentally drained... Now I have recouped somewhat my PD's have returned.

The Ball is now in America's Court.