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Full Version: Running from lava dream
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I had this dream roughly a week ago. In the dream, I started with the sense that it was around Christmas time, I don't remember those details. The dream moved and I was in a car. There was lava that was advancing and burning cars that were behind me. The roads were completely blocked with no ability to move, so I exited the car and began running to outrun the slowly moving lava. I was alone in the car. The dream jumped somewhat; I was then on a highway, still jogging. I don't know why, but I knew I had been running due east. Cars were going around me, because the side of the road was somewhat limited. Looking to my right, there was a very steep mountain going up from the road. I went around a bend and there was an escarpment (that word was specifically in the dream); I decided I would climb up onto it. Somebody in a pickup truck pulled over and help boost me up to be off the road. I talked with the man in the pickup truck. I told him I had come from California, and knew that I was a long way east of California. He was apparently going to go to Texas. I noted to him that he could take the "5" that was coming up. I was going to take the 72 and go back Southwest to get back to my home in California. I had an aerial view that was somewhat highlighted similar to a GPS that was showing my route using the 72.

I was apparently not at home for this dream, I don't know exactly where my start point was where I was outrunning the lava.

Today I did a better search than the night after the dream. The closest I can see is State Route 72 in Utah, where the 70 and 72 meet. Continuing on that leads to the 25 in Denver that can be taken down to Texas. The view I had of my route was what I was seeing highlighted. I did some looks at the pictures, none represented the mountain I saw rising from the road.
Good to hear from you, MTB!
Nothing in USA yet but Tall volcano in the Phillipines doesn't appear to be done. It is causing cracks in the ground several miles away from it and one river in the towns affected by dried up today so it appears volcanic magma is on the rise in the area. Despite not being an impressive( Krakatoa wasn't either) looking it is a very dangerous volcano( water could get into the magma chamber and cause a much bigger eruption) and if the eruption was big enough it could affect the cooling of the planet.
Taal is going to blow but I don't think it's related to this dream. This is the upcoming Christmas or beyond if I have the feeling correct. I had a prior dream where I saw a meter (kind of like a voltmeter) where there was a label "Leave now" and a diode next to it. Initially it was flashing but then stopped. Now is not the time to leave. A follow up dream I saw a mountain where there was a lot of fog obscuring the mountiain; in the dream I thought I saw explosions. I was with some friends and said "Uh, guys, I think that's lava, I think we need to leave". My friends thought it was just water flowing down the mountain after heavy rain.