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Full Version: Walk-about Dreams all week
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Been having walk-about dreams for about 2 weeks. Anyone else?

One of the dreams involved my dreaming about a woman I know that lives in a different state from myself. We had a falling out a few years ago and just recently started talking but not often. Just texting and asking how we are doing during the Covid19 event.

Dreamed I was at a beach resort and standing on a boardwalk talking with people. She walked up to me saying, I am going to the beach house. I said, what? She said again, I am going to the beach house. End of Dream.

I texted her a few days later asking if she had dreamed of the beach. The same night, she dreamed of us talking and she was showing me a Fish Pepper plant.

The next day a thought came to me about sending her a dress I have. I texted her a picture and she loves it so I mailed it to her.
She then said, she purchased a gift for me a while back and it will ship soon. So apparently we talked about gifts during walk-about. Big Grin
Been going walkies during dream time for a few weeks now. Some I remember. Some I don't. Have no idea what's going on. Feels like I'm in training for something that's coming.
Hey The Paladin.  Well that "something" could be just about anything. The older I get the more I am not surprised about world events. Even though sometimes I "know" what will happen, it's not written in stone.

I work for a company in the medical industry. They are being extremely cautious about our going back to the workplace. Makes me wonder what they know. I work with many 100% humans & we sit too close to each other. I pick up on their energy and thoughts and it stresses me. I love working from home. Big Grin