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Full Version: Dreams after Cadaver Bone Graft
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I know this is crazy but I received a cadaver bone graft following a tooth extraction last week and now I'm having very strange dreams.  What is even more odd to me... I can't remember having any dreams in the last several years because I don't sleep well due to my age (54) and health conditions. Prior to last night - the dreams seemed odd but not personal.  Last night's dream was very vivid and disturbing.  In fact, at one point I looked into a mirror and the female's face was not mine.  I was in a sketchy house full of people that was disgusting (seemed like a drug house) where I was trying to escape with a child which felt like my daughter who appeared to be very malnourished.  The child looked nothing like my 2 girls.  I wasn't able to leave the house before my alarm went off.  Unfortunately,  I woke up feeling very unsettled and sad but it also felt very personal.   Just for reference, I was watching "Chopped" cooking series before I went to sleep so I don't believe it had anything to do with that.    Is it a fluke that this is happening?  Does anyone believe this could be related to the cadaver implant?  This all sounds very crazy so I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences following a cadaver bone graft?
Hey UCTexas! Welcome to the forum. There are many possible explanations for your dream. My first inclination is that certain substances/medications can inhibit or accelerate dream content. I thought this might be the first explanation since you just got out of two surgeries, where they typically prescribe medications before, during or after the procedure which might accelerate dream content. Related, ceasing certain substances cold turkey, such as marijuana, can make dreams very vivid and even horrific, mainly due to the suppression of REM that typical with much marijuana usage. Another option for your dream is collective connectedness....there's talk of child trafficking that is apparently being disrupted/stopped as we speak without any acknowledgment of MSM. Your connected mind might be picking up happenings at other places around the globe. Look up dream telepathy for more info on that. How does this sound so far?