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Full Version: Abdication
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Hello All,

Very few PD of late as probably I have already published those of note already but here are a couple more.

Dreamed 7th April 2021: I was watching the Queen (UK) putting a crown onto the head of another person... Didn't see the recipient and it was as usual very short so it fits the Predictive Dream M O.

Dreamed 9th April 2021: I was in my living room and the chaos of war had begun, a bomb was dropped we held mattresses and cushions to the windows but the room became hot like a furnace and eventually, in seconds, the heat fire consumed us all. As the heat was rising I was struck with the thought that even if we survived we would die very shortly and painfully of radiation sickness at that point the room became consumed.

A very dark dream........

Be safe all.
Probably a reason for the abdication