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Full Version: Military confiscation.
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(Where I remember my dream starting) Was I thought in the arctic survey stuff, but then reached this tropical spot surrounded by snow/ice. Then there was a spot where these people would go flying our of the water and land back in it. It was a lava tube/vent that people would put a cover over and the pressure would shoot them up into the air and land back in it. Too many people in this small spot to not be refugees from something.

fast forward

I am back home (?) going out to the farm (Have a house in town to leave work at work) after hearing rumors of the military (China ) coming to take stuff. People are divided into groups, I get cut out of my group and I was given a machine gun, for some reason. I was very upset at not staying with the "monks" I related to.

On my way out, to the farm, I see dust being kicked up by something, realize its an army column and dash into a structure. sit there and ponder using the gun as I could kill lots of them with it. Decide thats a bad idea and hid the gun on top of a cabinet. As I'm detained, they search the place find a fake knife (lots of knives in dreams I think as I type) where the machine gun "was". The guy who found it messes with me and the knife. I get a couple of coins (for acomodations) and am taken back to town. I find my family(?), bigger than I have, we talk about what to do... I realize that there is a raft in the garage. I go to get it and float away, someone else is pumping it back up. I say its mine he says no thats yours (it wont fill up) I say well thats my pump your using, he gives me his (broken) and I say maybe that was your problem. Try to put the raft together to float away. ( I woke and wanted to share)


Another dream my neighbor, a Marine, stacked his hay on the exterior of his fence in a very odd way.... essentially a wall. have no idea about what was really going on in this segment and when the brief memory is from.

A few nights ago dreamed I was passing out food and water to people who looked like they had been through some kind of tramatic event.

Afterthoughts: The next day the word "foraging" kept popping up. I was talking with a friend on the phone while I was out grocery shopping. When she asked "what are you doing this afternoon" I immediatly said, " oh, just out foraging for food". I said it without thinking and she said, uh okay.
That kind of seemed like what was going on... Things were a mess, the traumatic event was somewhat happening. However, I think it happened far away from where I was, and things were being consolidated to ensure food all over.

The snow covered islands with palm trees in the middle of the tropics was odd (however that could be ash from a volcanic eruption) and people simply were congregating in the ash free zones...  And the people swimming there were like another dream on the ocean with lots of mermaid like people able to swim under water? 

Unfortunately, for my entire life, I have felt that building a self sufficient community was a need...  drawing them in grade/middle school.  Almost have that today, except the people to work with (most do not wish to work and I bit off a lot more than I ever conceived of, at the time I started with cheese making and food production from sunlight to supper). 

Hope that my thoughts have not helped to create such a world.
There have been foreign troops being kept in the usa for some time now when martial law comes around after the disasters. It's all a part of the plan. I had a dream where there was this christian community of about 7,000 people with houses and all but they were all gone killed or in FEMA camps. I have dreamed that our own troops will be placed outside of the big cities with checkpoints on the highways where you can't go in or out of the city without permission.
I dont like any of these types of dreams.... I am going to try and focus on happy thoughts and positive outcomes - like my dream today... The closer to true change happening the harder those in control fight it.

Like The Paradigm program Eagle started to get people to focus on shifting peoples focus to happiness, that is where I want to go to... I was in a very dark spot in my life back then. Ought to be now being separated, not knowing what will happen, but I generally am in a very good place and want to Share that with all. Back then I would enter into a peace meditation and share my "unknowing" thoughts of what peace was with the world. That is where I am today and want to share the light of god back on everything else.