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Full Version: 11/08/14 Invisible deceased + Lucky press agent
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We’re staring at another potential valley in the collective unconscious. This list is shorter than normal, but it’s much longer than it should be. Many of the words at bottom are, while being well above their averages, did not surge at all. Notice that 2015 is already making it’s way up.

But with all low-level growth, here there are some significant climbers. The top group matches this description. “Invisible” and “Deceased” are considered non-slackers and should be watched. The phrase itself seems to imply that there are some medical deaths that will remain invisible. Sorry….in our world, that’s a big DUH!

I find this very interesting…Lucky Press Agent all increase in tandem from yesterday and end up next to each again. I don’t know if this is significant; just pointing it out. Orange also continues its ascent. Orange County?


Plain text:
Very interesting that 'FRI' popped up in group 1. Fri, as in Friday, as in Friday November 14th...

I hate to admit it, but I am somewhat anxiously awaiting the 14th, if for no other reason than to see if 'what I was shown' in dream will be, will it be obvious, or is this just another 'phantasm'?

I have only seen dates a couple of times in my dreams, throughout my whole life. IT would be a unique event if something did happen. Then again, does that mean it validates the rest of the 'web' I am starting to now see, should it fulfill?

- Trapper -
Hmm, rat's back and orange is, too. Agent, yes but this time not bodyguard.

Well yes, a rat wants to delete modify 2015. This of course is impossible in reality, except in one context of the year, one category of life? This close to the election and that word being in a run, to no surprise, hmmm....Who of one side of the nation's political aisle wouldn't want to modify or delete next year?

Ah, many are calling it the new "agent orange" that many that served in Iraq are sick with, or dieing from.
[Yesterday] Terrorists foiled in plot to kill Queen Elizabeth

We must have undergone a time warp....

kidnapped grade lucky
[Yesterday] Utah dad saves 5-year-old daughter from kidnapper

invisible deceased finishing Friday
invisible deceased finishing Friday medical
medical grade (mj) lucky press agent
grade lucky press agent [a] ten
Queen orange - orange alert for the Queen
papers powered brie(cheese)
powered brie(cheese) to modify/delete 2015 rat
Sherri, I really dig your last line of suggestions! All are good, just got a smile of "how cool of an idea" and very well may be how those words go together.
There's that agent orange.

Brie, might just be a person, not food. Most news stories on brie are for someone.
Press agent, queen….

I wonder if the internal spies are called the gchq press agents?