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Full Version: 11/10/14 Struck Daily Sun
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Struck. Are we sure the “r” is supposed to be there in Struck?  Stuck would be a better word I would think! The collective is back into one of its apparent phases of monotony, lack of creativity, in a rut. Not much new under the sun in recent days, which makes sense based on the next words: “Daily Sun.”

If we put this all together, we see that some meeting has been struck, probably significant enough to where the Queen is curious about it. The “Daily Sun” is a publication in many different locations, but the only ones that showed up in a search are Flagstaff, Cornell, and Lake County (FL).

I wouldn’t hold too much stock in the lower half of this list, as these words would not make our “normal” daily list. But they didn’t grow at zero rate or less like the rest of the list.


Plain text:

Ah, thanks for the reminder, NADW! That will begin later today. If I get a moment, I'm going to mess around with a new idea, and will include your new dreams. Thank you!
Forgiving you for anything is unnecessary. You've already done so much for us...anything else will be gravy. I am grateful always.