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Full Version: Collapsed Building / Parking Garage
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Intention: January Headline

At work in office bulding; ready to leave but waiting on co-workers to finish as we were car sharing. Somehow they left without me so I scrambled to catch up with them. I was not real familiar with how to exit to the parking lot so I followed some others who were leaving. Someone said the way we were going was secret or private (I believe for the executives), but I walked on out the building into an attached corridor, seemed to connect to parking garage. I could either go up one floor to the roof or stay on current floor. People seemed unsure what to do or where to go but I did not know why. The parking floor had a 3' wall around the perimeter and it was open above the wall and below the roof so you could look out. I looked out over the wall; people talking about how unusual the river water was quickly freezing under and around things (not sure why that was unusual), noticed thin ice floes moving in the river. (Didn't observe other buildings but had sense of small city or maybe office complex). Then realized no one knew where to go because of radiation or some hazard, although I did not hear any bomb. I continued to try to find a ride home. Many of us where looking out over the parking garage wall, and then felt the garage begin to tilt. With others I quickly walked to the stairs to go down. As we were in the stairwell, approaching ground floor, the heavy metal structure begin to cave in, and surrounded the stairwell, actually giving us some shelter from the elements, but blocking us in. There were 5-6 of us, mostly women, at least 1 elderly. People pulled out the food they had to share. One had a pound of sliced bacon. Someone else had what looked like salmon; she called it po or poe and said most people did not know it was also used as a food thickener. No one seemed very worried. People were wearing coats but not real heavy winter coats.

Background: this is very similar to another dream I had, slight variation. I thought I had posted it in the blog, but I don't see it there, so perhaps not. I did google 'po', I didn't find any po or poe food references, but there is a Po River that flows through Italy, including the cities Turin and Milan.
On Jan. 30, a parking garage connected to a hotel collapsed during the Apex 2015 Super Smash Brothers tournament in New Jersey:
Your dream didn't even take three weeks to fulfill!
Is there an average time on dream fulfillment for the dreams posted on this web site? Would be interesting to know.