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Full Version: To the Moon and ... Huh?
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In this dream I was part of a very small group of people. I was SUPER excited to have been chosen as one who would be sent to the moon! I think there might have been only two or three others who were allowed to come as well. In the dream I was just shivering with excitement because whatever was being done was very important and I just couldn't believe that I had been chosen to take part in this very important event! I was escorted by some very important-looking men to a strange little space craft. It didn't look like what I had expected. I had expected a huge space shuttle, but instead, I was now in a huge futuristic room with a sort of space pod in the middle. The pod was round like a ball and a pretty, almost iridescent, white color. It didn't look like any sort of metal I had ever seen before... that is, assuming it was metal. On the sides of the ship were large flat things - sort of like what I have seen on satellites. My husband suggested they could be solar panels maybe? The ship was only big enough for myself, and I would say a good quarter of the ship (at least) was glass. It was very comfortable in spite of the small size.  I was sent out of the building and into outer space. The way the little pod flew, I hardly event felt I was moving at all and while in space I got to really enjoy my view thanks to the large window.

It didn't feel like I had been flying very long when I saw that I was now very close to the moon. The closer I got, I noticed that a nice chunk of the moon had been covered in a glass structure and inside was plant life. I flew into a large structure that was shaped a bit like a pyramid and inside I was greeted by some guys dressed entirely in white. They guided me to some different rooms where they looked me over and blew some air on me using some kind of device, then had me enter the glass structure. I was given an address and a bicycle. I was a bit shocked and confused because THIS is not what I had expected to see. When I was told I was going to the moon, I had expected a Neil Armstrong experience. I thought I'd see a vast greyish wasteland and maybe visit the flag before collecting some moon dust and a few moonstones then making my way back home... instead, I met up with the others who had also been sent to the moon and walked into the glass dome to find grass and trees and full-fledged neighborhoods. Everything was so clean cut and perfect it seemed unreal. There even seemed to be a little bit of a blue tint to the "sky"... but you could see through it into the black outer space behind it...  it was really weird.

I was riding my bike through the neighborhoods but felt a bit freaked out by everything. By how perfect everything was... but then the thought occurred to me : "OMG... if a comet or something were to hit this glass structure, we would all be dead." From then on out, that was all I could think... and not only that, but it was as if I KNEW it was going to happen and I thought I needed to get out of there ASAP! I just couldn't live on the moon and be happy like everyone else because I knew that it was going to happen... All I could think was that I wanted to go home. But then my mind was empty and I started to wonder just what "home" was.

I went back into the building to meet the men in white to tell them I wanted to go home and they just looked at me and chuckled a bit before saying "Who doesn't!?" and when I got angry, they looked at each other all confused. After a brief moment they told me that they understood that I was uncomfortable and asked me if I wanted to go ahead on and work on my "mission". When I said I did, they escorted me back to my little pod and I climbed in to go back into outer space. I thought to myself "Good! The sooner this is done, the sooner I can go home!", But once I was in outer space again, I noticed... the MOON!  But was it the moon or was the other one the moon? Confused, I flew closer to get a good look at it. It looked like the moon to me. It had craters and dust like the moon, but the dust was swirling around in the air. The AIR. There had to be air there to be a breeze, right? Also, the dirt was red. The red planet would be Mars, but there is no air on Mars. I was really struggling to figure this out when I woke up.