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Full Version: Three Moons / Space Ships
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So I had two very strange dreams last night...

In the first dream, I was living in a room I was renting in the back of a store. The room was so nice, that had the door not been opened, I would have never known that it was really just the back of a store. In the dream, I was watching the news on TV and laying back on a nice, fluffy bed. The news woman was talking about an asteroid that was to expected to orbit around the earth. I thought this was really weird because I've never heard of an asteroid orbiting the earth. At any rate, my husband came in talking to me about a cat I had wanted. He was looking around for kittens since I lost Pookie, who was my most cherished comfort cat. I had decided that I wanted either a grumpy cat or a cat with the "crazy eyes". I wanted a cat that looked like it had an attitude, because those kinds of cats just really crack me up. At any rate, he put his phone on the bed and I went through it to see that he had been hunting for cats on craigslist. That was fine, but I figured we should look at the animal shelter before we went anywhere else.

While I'm sitting on the bed, looking at his phone. Little square patches of bed start to disappear from the middle to reveal a garbage can inside the bed. I'm not even bothered by this. It seems normal. I put a few things in the trashcan and then the chunks of bed reappear. The bed looks normal again, concealing the trash can inside. I look around the room now, and suddenly it is filthy. There is stuff thrown everywhere, but more concerning is the cat poop. There is cat poop in some places, mainly up against the wall and my kids are just running around playing, completely oblivious to it. So I get out of bed with the intent to start cleaning, and look back to see that trashcan had reappeared and was disappearing again. The trashcan was like a living thing, and would appear when it was "hungry"... but what was really weird is that it had to eat things up until a certain monetary value was reached. And when I saw it had appeared and was instantly disappearing, I felt like it might have "eaten" something of mine which was very valuable. I needed to find out what it was! I climbed back into bed and tried to stop it from disappearing and was talking and bargaining with it so that it would let me dump its contents into the floor and I could dig around and see what it took. It was then that a short, chubby woman busted into the room to find it a mess. Not only that, but she saw me, like a crazy person, talking to a trash can and bargaining with it so I could dump it out on the floor too! This looked so bad... and I new it. I was afraid I would be kicked out of the room now.

Anyway, the woman starts screaming at me as she cleans up the room. I stop everything I'm doing to help hoping that she doesn't go to her father who I guess owns the place. In spite of my efforts, she goes and gets her father and I go into freak-out mode. I mean, how do you really explain the mess... let alone being caught talking to a trash can.  The man comes in a bit later. At this point, I have magically cleaned most of the room and even shampooed the carpets. Somehow, Pookie is back and is accompanied by a couple of other cats.  I freak out and try to explain myself to him, but he sits and just smiles at me saying that he understands. His daughter comes in yelling again, and he calmly and politely just asks her to leave and he starts talking to me about something important. I can't remember what it was, just that I was very concerned by it. When he was finished, he told me not to worry, but that I should go outside, and then he leaves.

So, I collect myself and head outside. The sun is almost completely set and it is fairly dark outside, but not too dark. I look up in the sky to see what looks like a chunk of rectangular land. It wasn't perfectly rectangular. It was jagged at the bottom/side and reminded me of  the texture of a mountain. Which was another thing... it was SO CLOSE that I could see details in its structure. It LOOKED like it was about as far away from earth as an airplane might be... but it was so huge, it was really hard to say how far away it was. I had never seen anything like it. What's more, the outline of it was glowing a red/orange color. It looked like fire, BUT it didn't have a tail or anything like I thought I should expect from something like an asteroid. It didn't seem to be moving very fast... but I knew that didn't mean that it wasn't moving fast. It didn't seem to be getting any bigger like I would expect if it were about to crash into earth. Instead, it just slowly floated across the sky. I wondered if it would hit earth and if it did, what kind of damage the impact would cause. And while I was watching and thinking this, I noticed something else. There were THREE moons in the sky! They were all perfectly spaced. But what was REALLY weird, was that each had a flashing red light on them. For whatever reason, they made me think of bombs.

So, I woke up from that dream a little bit upset. I told my husband about it who told me to make sure I wrote it down, and after we talked for a bit, he let me go back to sleep...

This time I dream that I'm in a nice room with a long, horizontal glass window. I see something outside in the sky which looks like sparkles at first and then sort of materializes into these great, big circular space ships. They went from being visible to almost invisible and I had to rub my eyes to be sure that I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. I walked up to the window and looked down to see that the streets were littered with people freaking out. But what was even creepier were these great, big armored vehicles. Most were black and rectangular and probably bigger than a house. Some had some sort of drill-like things on the front of them. It seemed like they were filled with rich people and politicians and they were going to take cover from the space ships in these things and everything and everybody else would be destroyed. I could see them plowing right through the crowd of people who were beating on the sides of the vehicles and trying to get in which really made me sick to my stomach. I had Lily with me, and I ran out to a balcony to hold her up hoping that someone in one of the giant armored vehicles would take pity on her and take her where she would be safe... then I thought about my boys. I ran inside to find two of them sleeping and my oldest running around playing. I woke them all up and struggled to gather them and drag them out to the balcony. I held up my youngest two and had the two oldest stand close as I screamed at the top of my lungs hoping to get someone's attention... but they all drove by without so much as looking at any of us. I thought to myself how really screwed they were going to be if the world didn't come to an end and they had to face all of these angry people they refused to help...