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Full Version: Manhattan
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Three words in my head as I wake up about 4:30 AM: tough zero Manhattan.

Like seriously, Manhattan has been totally off the table as far as my thoughts go.
Zero remind me of Ground Zero.
These 3 words sounded ominous to me, too.

Sherriann, do you get messages this way often, if I may ask? If so, I wonder if maybe soon you'll get more about the same subject. I hope so.

(Only once in my life did this happen, and it was at least 6yrs. ago. I awoke, stood up after putting my feet in my slippers, and it was as if it was audible it was so "loud" inside me, it said "a storm's coming.")
I have thought word streams, voices, pictures. short videos, split scenes, streaming words, words on paper, single person or item on white backgrounds or combinations. My dream movies are mostly personal. I have had full book dreams that took me two days (sporadically) to write up. Sometimes mixed/layered like an onion. But things like the ones above that pop up out of virtually nowhere, are the ones I pay attention to. I have mostly hits that I call 'metaphoric hits' where I see the metaphor after the event happens. I blame that on lack of time to contemplate or not having paid enough attention to my metaphors over the years. *L*

In this case it could mean a few different things like, "Tough, zero happening in Manhatten," or "Tough ground zero event in Manhattan or like Manhattan," so if something happens, I don't know what the dream means until then. But, sometimes I do and with the right energy connections, I can make a prediction, but those are few and far between. Everyone dreams differently. The point is to be open minded and not dismiss any psi happenings in our lives. Not always possible because lives are busy. I miss a lot. Cool
Thanks for explaining your gift, gal. It resonated as things various folks I know or mostly have just heard from describe as their own experiences. Wow, a dream or dreams that take 2 days to log! whew....well, I'm sure glad to get to be able to peek inside your brain here. Wink

This that you said, "But things like the ones above that pop up out of virtually nowhere, are the ones I pay attention to." is the one thing I can personally relate to. Yes, that's it. The true intuition that pops outta no where and catches us off-guard, I too have found that this is most often the things that are coming true, within a couple of seconds to even a couple of years.

Intuition, for me anyway, has a life of its own. I cannot snap my fingers and utilize it, to say the least. Nevermind ego, I mean I can't call it up. It comes without my needing it or knowing that I do, when it wants and it doesn't exist for me upon what I may think of as a need, or my whim, desire etc. If it did then I would've already won a lottery, so to speak.

Lastly, it more than amuses me when it tells me something that there is no way I needed to know, like when the news announcer be it TV or radio, is about to quantify something, be it the forecast low temp. or how many bails or ounces of something was confiscated, etc.....the number is likely to pop into my head two seconds before. I didn't need to know it, not then or it turns out, so why?! truly amuses me.