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Full Version: The Cougar and Jaguar
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For some reason I was laying down to go to bed near a chain link fence. My wife was already asleep below the grape vines. As I was kneeling down beside her, I saw a movement on the other side of the fence. On the other side was a forest, totally wild. The creature came close. I squinted to see and out appeared a huge, muscular Cougar. My initial thought was a lioness, but now that I look at pictures, it was definitely a Cougar. It was a female cougar. Not sure why that is important, but I knew this during the dream.

I instinctively knew that this cat could easily (and will definitely) jump/climb this fence and get to the inside. When inside, she might see us and eat us. My wife had a gun on her hip. I woke her up. She jumps up and the cougar struts besides the fence. The Cougar gives up for some reason. She sees us clear as day. She is not afraid, but she decides to drift off into the woods.

I catch another movement INSIDE the's a spotted cat. A bit smaller than the cougar, but "Oh my gosh! It's a Jaguar!!" My wife says, "Where?" I point to the left. She sees the cat coming towards us. The Jaguar stops, she sees us. My wife points the pistol. Dream over.
Jaguars and cougars/mountain lions are important archetypes and powerful totem animals in many different medicine and shamanic traditions in the Americas. Interesting that both showed up in your dream. That suggests to me both a northern and southern perspective.

Random thoughts and questions:

Were both cats female? If so, possibly referring to the feminine or the aspect of fertility.

Were you and your wife inside or outside the fence? IOW, were you enclosed by the fence or were the cats? Did you have any sense of what was inside the fence?

Though you felt threatened by the presence of the cats, were they actually threatening? Or were they trying to get your attention?

Your wife had the weapon, the thing that would "protect" you, thereby being the one who would protect you. Go back to the idea of the feminine...Speaking of your wife, I noted that she was "asleep" and you were the one "awake", that you were able to wake her so she could take action. This could be a metaphor for needing to wake your feminine side. Part of what's going on with the world is that the world is so out of balance and there's a need to return to balance. Light/dark, yin/yang, good/evil, left brain/right brain, male/female-if there's one side weighted more heavily than the other, there's imbalance. The world has been heavily weighted to the left brain, masculine ways of doing things while very little attention has been paid to the feminine. There must be a return of the feminine to begin to achieve balance on the planet.

As you noted, the cats could have come over that fence in a heartbeat if they wanted. But they didn't. They respected your boundary(the fence). That suggests to me that they were there for a reason but recognized you weren't ready to hear it. Don't worry, they'll be back. They can be persistent kittehs when necessary. Big Grin

Also, both cats are apex predators. They silently stalk their prey, never announcing their presence. Jaguars in particular are considered invisible in the jungle, not being seen unless it wants to be seen. If you had been prey, you would never have heard them coming. The fact they allowed you to see them clearly also suggests they were there for you.

Don't know if any of this will resonate with you.
DLP, Yes, much of this resonates for sure. I will answer your questions later today. I have to drive up north this morning. You bring us many important points here. I also realized when I had the dream that this was a dream more for me rather than the dreambot, but I still felt compelled to share it. Probably because I somehow knew that I would be getting some help with it. Smile

(nadw): Thank you. Some of your descriptions very much resemble some of the recent bot runs. For example, "Keeper of the circular time continuum;
Gatekeeper to the Unknowable" resembles today's run, and of course, "Turtle" headed up the big countdown to Wrecked Truths on March 6th. In my dream, everything about the the Jaguar matched your description at the top of your post. (applicable to DLP, too....) Although I never mentioned it, the Jaguar was a sort of shapeshifter. He/she didn't transform into something different, but he/she did appear/disappear. I blamed that on my eyes and the darkness, but in reflection, the jaguar did stuff that just wasn't physically possible. The Jaguar was second in appearing, and I don't know if it was a male or female (the Cougar was definitely a female). The Jaguar was trotting toward us in the complete darkness. I looked away to see something else, and then when I looked toward the Jaguar again a split second later, it was slowly strutting away from us in a totally different location. He had jumped to a different place instantaneously.

As far as the fence, I got the impression it was synonymous with our garden. We have a big fence around our garden, and the wild forest is outside the fence. In the dream, we were inside the fence, although as I reflect on the dream, it was just a single fence. There was no fence behind us to indicate we were inside of the garden, but then again, I never looked over in that direction.

Now based on this conversation, and both of your excellent replies, I'm really looking forward to seeing the feline females again in my dreams! Smile
Oh, this is probably going to be a novella. Sorry. I've included a TL;DR version at the bottom if you want to skip the rambling. Wink

Quote:Jaguar was a sort of shapeshifter. He/she didn't transform into something different, but he/she did appear/disappear. I blamed that on my eyes and the darkness, but in reflection, the jaguar did stuff that just wasn't physically possible.

Jaguars are the ghosts of the jungle. They are known for their invisibility, being seen only when they want to be seen. They also have wicked senses of humor.

Quote:As far as the fence, I got the impression it was synonymous with our garden. We have a big fence around our garden, and the wild forest is outside the fence.

Everyone has a garden, a place inside them that's their very own space. Some are fairly wild, some are extremely manicured(think English manicured gardens), some are small, some are huge, some are contained within walls or fences, some are wide open. Some are nurturing, places of sanctuary while others are dark and forboding. Each is different and is a reflection of the person's spirit. The gardens aren't necessarily static. They can change, too, depending on what happens in linear time. As I have worked on my personal healing, my garden has shifted from being a constrained, rigid space with pockets of dark and forboding and one space with a disturbing statue that represents a relationship with a parent to one I would call "English country garden" with plants growing wild and free without borders and "keep off the grass" signs(The statue is still there but it's got cracks and is covered with graffiti. I'm still working on that one. Big Grin ).

If asked I'd say you were dreaming of your personal garden, which may resemble your physical garden. If so, the fence is indicative of your personal boundaries. You don't let just anyone inside your garden, not even potential allies. They have to be invited. But the trick with fences is to not make them into walls, not only keeping others out but imprisoning ourselves inside. Only you know what that fence represents to you.

I do suspect the cats will be back. There was a reason they appeared, it's just a matter of figuring out what that reason may be. Maybe they're waiting for you to invite them back.

For the TL;DR version: I think you're at the cusp of a shift in your life. It all depends on whether you choose the cats or the fence, the red pill or the blue pill.
Yes, yes, and yes. DLP, I think we've found your gift! Oh, and I can also confirm the shift in my life, too. My mom picked up on a needed safety net coming, and that when it happens, I'll be fine on the tight rope. Well, I'm there, and holding together fine. Life's exciting when you learn to appreciate the crises along with the successes. I hope to get the felines back, and will update this when I see them again. I'll have some lucid questions to ask them Smile