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Full Version: Refueling the B1
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I held an intention before going to sleep about Proj ConCERNed, but I must have awoken a dozen times last night. I'm just not confident that my dream actually carried the original intention, so I'm putting it in the regular dream repository.


I'm flying around. I look up, blue skies all around. Loud noisy helicopters. They are spinning, moving around, very purposefully. I zoom up to get a closer look. Suddenly, the helos morph into a big tanker aircraft, but I was either on board the plane now or strangely, I WAS the plane. Either way, I got a first person look at flying forward toward several B1 bombers.

It looks like we are going to collide with them, but just at the last minute, we climb just a little bit. I sense that the tanker boom is behind me. I see the refueling light on the B1. The B1 is rather bouncy. How are we going to make this happen? It was a bit chaotic, but suddenly, we're connected! I now look to the sides. Massive B1 aircraft are flying beside us. They are in formation.

How strange for the tanker to come up from behind on the B1 to refuel it. No matter, it worked!

We're all flying together. I got the sense we were flying toward the east. After some time of flying and refueling, we came across some big Russian bombers. Suddenly, the atmosphere was extremely tense. What are they doing here? Do we shoot them down? I wait, we're only bombers and tankers. That isn't an option.
Well, you know, with all the chatter going on about Putin's recent disappearance and military exercises, this might have to do with the Putin Chani phrase about him. Something would have to be going on to make that happen.

Other than that, you need refuelling and that will happen, one way or another. :-)

You could put it in the CERN dream forum, too? Right?