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Full Version: Near a tall solid rock mountain with lake wedding
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Planning a big wedding. Near a steep mountain and a lake. Stone walls. Old places.  In the stone mountain there was a wide, high arched tunnel leading to a cathedral. We, planners, were staying at a resort across the lake, also old but very nice. Not opulent but expensive, tasteful design. Hotel was massive gray square blocks, modern but unobtrusive, surrounded with trees in fresh tiny flowers and gardens. Level with the lake (the cathedral is elevated). I also see a woman wearing an ivory or buttercream satin dress with folds and pearls and lots of detailing inside the mountain arch cathedral.

I was part of the planning,  with a help team of two: one person in charge of the salad and someone else. The salad person still had not procured the croutons, which were special order beet croutons. Somehow I knew, as I came out of the dream, it was going to be difficult for her, because in procuring the beet croutons she was going to encounter an old love and unhealed memory. I was impressed by the scale of the event, based on the structures alone.

No guests  have arrived yet, too soon, perhaps a week out?

The feeling was positive and busy.
Colors: grey, green, buttercream, silver
Sounds like a beautiful dream. Would be nice if we could record our dreams.
Thank you. With all the critical issues in the world, I wonder why I am dreaming about weddings. I do know it is all part of a much bigger picture...