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Full Version: Spaceships, the moon, and aliens
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I was going through the previous dream journal, looking for a different dream, and came across this one. It's dated 5 Nov. 14

A series of dreams that seemed to happen over a period of time.

1. Nighttime. I'm watching the sky from atop a mountain or high hill. I can see lights of a military base below. I'm there to witness something, don't know what. Watch as multiple aircraft take off. They fly overhead. I see ships I recognize from TV and movies: Enterprises from ST:TOS and ST:TNG, a TIE fighter from Star Wars, a Viper from Battlestar Galactica. A couple others I recognize but don't remember the shows/movies. As I watch, the fly into a formation, a line of ships. Then they shift, change Transformer-like. They come together and become one very large fighter jet. It's triangular shaped, almost like a wedge, with a small bulge where the cockpit would be. It's sleek and smooth, with the tail being the only protrusion. It is a silvery colored craft without any markings. Flames ignite from the rear and the craft shoots straight up into the sky. Cool, I think, Hope they're able to make it. A sense of knowing, that the crew was tasked with finding the Others and asking for their help. Knowing we, the humans on this world, couldn't fight what was coming without their help.

2. Jump to a barren, rocky, dusty, dark landscape. I know it's cold, so very cold, even if I can't feel the cold. I see 2 figures in space suits-bulky suits like the ISS astronauts wear when they go walkies outside the station-slowly making their way across the terrain. A sense that they're looking for someone or something but haven't found it yet. A 3rd figure bounds into view. Joins up with the others. They put their helmets together. Pat the arms of the newcomer. The first 2 are happy to see the 3rd but he's not the ones they're seeking. They keep moving. I look around and see Earth in the sky overhead. I'm on the moon. I'm surprised because I didn't know there was a manned mission to the moon.

3. Jump to 4 people, men and women, chained to a central post. They're armed with knives. They have to fight each other until only one is left standing. They're afraid. Know they're going to die and for no good reason other than others' entertainment. I can't see outside the small arena but get a feel of a coliseum-like setting and the understand the people are like modern-day gladiators. I hear cheering of a sort. As I watch, the chains on the hub, tighten and begin moving, shifting around. I know the battle has begun and I'm being spared from seeing the people killing each other. One by one, the chains converge on each other and one chain goes still and limp and I know one fighter is dead. This continues until none of the chains are moving. There's a moment of silence, then booing. I know the last fighter killed him/herself rather than have to fight again.

4. Jump to I'm standing on a street corner, watching a group of non-humans-made me think of T-Rexes wearing black uniforms-rounding up people on the street. The people had been protesting something and now they were going to be taken to a prison camp. No trial, no judgment, just off they would go. I'm standing in the shadows, unseen by those on the street. There's someone with me, a man. I know he's not human but he appears as one. He's really a dragon, a very large black dragon. I also know he's my partner, that we're part of a resistance movement. This is not good, I say. No, he says, they're confident they are in control. They ARE in control, I say. He smiles at me, a feral smile of anticipation. For now, he says, But they grow overconfident. Maybe so, I say, but a lot of people are still going to die in the battle. He watches as the truck holding the prisoners drives away and says, Yes. But it is far better to die free and fighting for our home than to be slaves. I know he's right but still, I fear for our future. There are so few of us willing to fight and there's so many of them.

There was no intention set for this dream. For most of the dreams, I felt only curiosity. I didn't know what was going on. The gladiator one made me sad. The last was a mixture of hopelessness and resolve. Even though it felt like we were on the losing side at that moment, I knew those of us who resisted would fight until the last one went down. If I had to describe the overall feel of what I was watching in all the segments, it was desperation.