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Full Version: Pensacola Beach Tidal Wave/Flood
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I had a very vivid dream that I was on the beach in Pensacola Florida with my baby. We were walking along the beach together when we stop to talk to a woman. I am telling the woman how awesome Pensacola is and how it is my favorite place in the world, when I look up and see a huge Tidal Wave about to rush over me. I am thinking that I am going to have to hold my baby so tight because the undertow will rip her out of my arms and she doesn't know how to swim so I am hanging on as tight as I can. The wave is such that the white fold of the water is what crashes on top of us. The wave crashes on us and we are standing on the sand again. Just as we are catching our breath, I look up and there is another one coming at us. I am holding my baby really tight again and this time, the wave crashes a little over us to where the white crest of the wave doesn't fall on us, but instead it cocoons over us. We are in the water and then, again, standing on the sand. I am trying to catch my breath and have my back to the ocean when I am hit by a wave to the back of the head without knowing that it is coming so I wasn't able to brace for it. I think that there was one more wave that came, but it was more like a flood of water because the crest had moved up towards the beach to such a degree that I was no longer able to stand on the sand.

I am at a college dormitory room or some kind of hotel room that feels like it is on the beach but I never saw a beach to confirm this... and everyone is choosing their beds. There are not bunk beds; rather king size beds and three people are sleeping in each one. As I stand there trying to think about what I want and which place I want to sleep, There are 4 beds; 3 king size beds that sleep 3 each and 1 double bed that only sleeps 2.  beds start to fill up. First a girl goes and gets into one of the king sized beds next to the nightstand. Then another girl gets into bed on the other side. As I am trying to make a decision, I realize that all the beds are full except for the full size bed. I am thinking about how, I would really like to sleep next to the nightstand so that I can see the clock when I wake up in the middle of the night and so that I have access to my things. I must have gotten in the bed and gone to sleep because the next things  I know my best friend from high school, Jenny, is standing there. She is hungry. I had rice bread and butter there and had already shared it before with someone else. I am not able to speak but somehow she knows that I have this food and is really excited, but instead of making rice bread with butter she says that she is going to make macaroni and cheese bread...I couldn't believe it but she is acting so excited about macaroni and cheese bread. I walk into the area where she is making it and I start tt talk to her and all of a sudden she is talking crazy like with garbled words, pressured speech, incoherent ideas. I am worried about her because she isn't making any sense. It is like she is having a nervous breakdown or suffering from "mental illness".