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Full Version: Campground Sequence
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First, my boyfriend rarely remembers dreams. This morning he told me about one he had:
I was a part of what he called a sci-fi study.  We were trying to move all of the people out into the ocean.  He couldn’t tell if there was a place out there, an island or something, but that we were in danger and needed to get off of the land.  My group had laid out “nets” which he described as similar to fencing for the people to drive and walk out on.  He says it was like a mass exodus.  He just kept wondering why we weren’t getting in boats.  He assumed that the fence/nets could hold us all or help us all off of the land.  And that we needed to move quickly.

My dream:
I'm driving in the mountains with three friends looking for a place to camp. I feel like we are in West Virginia or North Carolina, somewhere hilly in the southeast. We find a dirt road that looks like it might lead to a good place.  It’s heavily wooded, and it looks like at one time it may have been a working campground, but it’s completely overgrown and it feels long abandoned.  

There’s a gap here, but now we have several fires going.  We’ve gathered so much wood, it's stacked in messy piles, we couldn’t possibly use it all tonight.  I tell the group that we should stay here for awhile, since we have the resources.  As I say this it begins to snow big,  thick, heavy flakes.  (it’s possible this is ash)  My girlfriend Alexis who is totally a city girl, is not thrilled with this idea of being outdoors.  So we abandon our campfires and move along looking for shelter on foot.

We come to a clearing where there is an RV parked with its front bumper all the way against the hill, parked very strangely as if it crashed into the mountain, but it's not wrecked.  It has overgrowth on it and is clearly abandoned so we go inside.  One of the cushions is missing off of the couch.  Underneath it’s almost overflowing with blood.  I can see it, dark, thick and sloshing around as we move about the vehicle.  No one else notices, and I don’t bring it to their attention because I think that this will be a good place to stay and I don’t want anyone to freak out.  I’m convinced that someone was killed here and that the body may even be under the cushions.  I have an intense sense of foreboding. We make ourselves at home.  I find a receipt that confirms that this was once a campground. It has a logo on the top, it’s two bees, strangely intertwined with each other, as if stuck, or fighting.  There is writing on the receipt, it tells me exactly where we are but I lost that part.  (I have a hard time retaining words from my dreams)

We go to gather wood.  There are two boys on bicycles passing through.  I show them the receipt and they know the logo, they are scared of it.  “We’ve been afraid of that since we were little kids!” They peddle away frantically.

A jeep pulls up behind the RV and parks.  Two black men get out, carrying supplies.  They seem friendly, they don’t claim the RV, they must camp nearby.  Time passes, we all get along.  Then my friends want to leave, back to a town to get food.  Everyone is leaving but they want me to stay behind with the men.  I’m terrified, there’s blood in the RV and a murder that happened here, don’t leave me alone.  Now the men don’t feel friendly.  I argue with my friends, finally they decide to stay.  

I woke up a little at this point, I felt like there was something I was missing and I wanted to go back to the RV and see what it was, but the dream dragged me back.

One of my friends (a girl I don’t know) wants to swim.  We follow the river to a body of water that’s down an embankment.  The river water is murky, milky white mixed with rusty colors.  It’s stagnant and polluted and toxic looking.  I don’t want to swim in it, the girl says she’ll take her chances.  We all watch her descend to the body of water.  She puts a foot in the water right as we all see an alligator.  We scream “don’t go in there, run!”  She casually pulls out of the water and the alligator snaps at her.  Now she sees the danger and begins to run to a cave. The alligator comes out of the water and turns into a dinosaur, chasing her.  

A police officer pulls up to the area where we are yelling encouragement to the girl.  He walks casually past us to a vehicle sitting there that I hadn’t noticed, as if he’s going to issue a ticket.  I see his shiny metal name tag.  His name starts with X like mine.  It’s Xi or Xo, I can’t remember.  We discuss our name uniqueness in a friendly manner for awhile. He encourages us to explore the area.  The girl is forgotten.

We come upon an old abandoned town.  The houses and buildings are quaint and look Swedish or like gingerbread houses, but there are plaques and statues of Spaniard soldiers.  The houses are in two rows facing each other.  We choose one to explore and it’s comfortable and spacious, maybe we can stay here.  Suddenly there are many vehicles pulling into the area.  Vacationers, they are unloading suitcases and coolers into their respective vacation homes.  But no, they are not on vacation, this is their hideout, they are hiding their families from something. No words are exchanged, we don’t belong here.  We continue down the road, I can hear the people behind us, voices full of excitement.  

The next scene feels like camp when I was a kid.  Cabins and gathering places, and the shuffle of people cleaning up the area at the beginning of summer after a year of being unused.  It’s a festive feeling, it’s the first day of camp! Everyone seems to find a camping area and I'm now with different friends although still there are four of us. I am the "camper" so I am tasked to cook our meals.  

There is a camp store with lots of food. I am surprised that any of it is fresh, we are starving. Milk, eggs, vegetables, meat, fresh bread.  I really only want popcorn and pretzels but I pick green peppers and some eggs to take back to camp.  My friend Jason is not happy with the peppers.  They are soft in places and there’s some mold inside.  I tell him I can cut the good parts out and we can mix with the eggs.  We’ll have breakfast for dinner.  Let’s go get some sausage. But the store closes in five minutes, it’s getting dark, so Jason and I run to the store to get breakfast food.  I’m running with a pan of scrambled eggs with melted cheese in them.  I get to the store but I decide I don’t want to cook eggs in the dark.  We’ll have donuts instead. As Jason approaches, I throw the eggs in the trash. He stops in his tracks. I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the glass door, I'm wearing a ridiculous outfit. The eggs are steaming in the garbage, “they smell good” the cashier says.  An old high school friend is there, she says she’s going to make eggs at her camp since mine looked so good.  I feel deflated.  

I woke thinking about the blood under the cushion. There was a girl, was my first thought when I woke up.