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Meditational dreams - California Kevin - 03-03-2011

I had two meditational type dreams recently. One was showing me a massive earthquake..maybe 10+. in or around the himalayas. That quake completely destroyed part of the mountains. People andvillages could not be found and were missing. Could not tell the time of the event. I could not tell whether this was above Afghan, Pakistan, Kashmiror India.
The other was in CaliforniaI think inmarch - April. I tried my best to zero in on the center. The best I could see it was in or near Bakersfield. The picture in my head showed cracks going out from the epicenter. The cracks also generated quakes. The words "for two years" appeared above the map I was visioning. Alot of the cracks went toward Los Angeles through the canyon country, but some went east toward Lake Isabella. One crack went toward fresno and some went down the san andreas toward Victorville.
I pray for none of the events to happen unless needed to reach the higher age!

RE: Meditational dreams - Eagle1 - 05-27-2015

Important update for this old dream. It now overlaps with a May 2015 bot run. See

RE: Meditational dreams - twiceblessed9 - 05-28-2015

That is stunning!

RE: Meditational dreams - ThePaladin - 05-28-2015

Whoa. And that overlaps several recent dreams/vision.