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More Yellow - 21 - Sherriann - 08-22-2014

My intent was to dream a date for my Dallas, TX dream.

As I was waking up this morning, I caught the number 21 followed by July, June as if I was on to something but it got away. Then I saw my husband sitting on a bench next to and outside a chain link fenced area that seemed to be out in a bushed area somewhere. There was a flat graveled road running between the fence and the bush and a piece of abandoned yellow 'caterpillar like' equipment parked at the edge of the bush.

RE: More Yellow - 21 - L.A.S. - 10-22-2015

Dear Sherriann,

if you would let me use this dream, too. This would be great. This dream also fits in this dreamrhythm to precognitive dreams.

Thank you very much



RE: More Yellow - 21 - Sherriann - 10-22-2015

No problem, Lean. Use as many as you want.