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Healing plastic lava, floating - ShadowSoul - 03-31-2015

I was dreaming a bit about the cat that had been at the "Gender reveal" party I was just at during the day. Then, I was standing in the hallway and had two rollers next to me. They were spitting out a thick (about an inch) red sheet with small hot plastic pellets (for no apparent reason, it wasn't like an industrial setting or anything). I picked some up and it fell apart almost like molten lava in my hands. I knew that it had a healing effect so I pushed some into the chest of my husband and said something like "here is healing for you". I did the same to two or three other people there (whom I did not recognize). Then, I was done with the 'lava' and knew that I was in a dream. I looked at my fingers; they were quite twisted and contorted, not like they would normally look. I began levitating, my feet floating up to chest level. I started steering myself around the room...