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tags - still - 05-27-2015

how does one add tags to previously existing threads....

so I just went into my dream shipping containers and riding bear and did a full edit which allowed me to edit in tags

also,all words in the thread title are auto-tags and cant be changed unless you rename the thread

RE: tags - Eagle1 - 05-27-2015

Oh, so only the user can add tags?

I also noticed that it may not accept the pound sign #

RE: tags - still - 05-27-2015

I tried to edit in tags into a comment I made on someone elses post but could not...there was no "tags" field.

RE: tags - Sherriann - 05-27-2015

The tag section at the bottom of the forum isn't in alphabetical order, either.

And why tags like 'went' and 'about'? Huh

RE: tags - still - 05-27-2015

every word in the thread title becomes a tag

RE: tags - Sherriann - 05-27-2015

Not good! *LOL*

RE: tags - still - 05-27-2015

lol right ?!?

I changed all my thread titles... took out "and,the,in, out" etc. added better tags

good thing I don't have 1654 threads!!

maybe elders can get/have permission to add/change tags on other peoples posts?

no punctuation is accepted as a tag or in a tag

RE: tags - twiceblessed9 - 05-28-2015

Well, it seems like it would work well for a dream since an individual creates that but not a dreambot run since only Eagle creates that and only he can tag it. Right?