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5/29/15 DreamBot on the IASD Conference - Eagle1 - 05-29-2015

Trending     quarters powerful bodies drill deeply scenario dreamer quality pressure had tail missile lucid intense hill stuffed shouting battery hits hello shared shouted breathing up played crossed following easy weekly guessing held fit afterwards

Waning Dream Words:   works square shoes gas vision chased glowing tiny maybe pew pay metal meeting sun shotgun series mess neighborhood hot dad creepy fence means snow fear dancing snake awesome hope bike relationship especially mon race dutch

Before we get started, recall what Nanny tried to do yesterday before retiring.

Time for a little bot experiment. There's no way I can get hits repeatedly, so gotta play with this to see the reality of it, or to what level of absurdity this could go to. I want to see the bot talk about our fearless leader's Big Dream Conference Presentation. Will it be the trip? presentation itself, laptop fun while he's there, or whatever aspect, seems since the bot talks to and about NDC so regularly now that this is the least it can do. So, c'mon bot beast, LOL buddy, LOL. Also, am headed to the Jade Helm thread to get something down while it's inspired. This, too would sure be nice to hear about, good grief, but this conference has been dreamed of and bot reported before, so we'll see.

Did her requests come through? Before we try to answer this questions, let’s first ask a rhetorical question: Can any question be adequately answered in an bot run? This is sort of similar to the I-Ching, or rather what some people might perceive of the I-Ching. That is, we see the answer in whatever the stones show us. OR maybe there are no coincidences, and the stone throws always produce a genuine response. I’ll let you decide as we go through this run.

I highlighted the normal grouping RED instead of the normal GREEN because I tend to think that these pairings might actually be fulfilling Nanny’s request.

Group 0: Initially, I didn’t think this group was relevant to the IASD conference, but there are indeed some very Powerful and brilliant minds that will be staying in the hotel QUARTERS. Plus, these BODIES will be DRILLing DEEPLY into the unconscious. I assure you that all of this will be the case.

Group 1: I also assure you that there will be QUALITY DREAMERs there, and I’m wondering if PRESSURE is for me personally, or whether there will be a broader sense of pressure. Either way, I assure you that there will be some pressure.

Group 2. OMG….Group 2 is all about my Project August presentation!! HITS HELLO SHARED….the most exciting part of the presentation will be our really cool case studies (those super cool predictions that came true, i.e., shortly after I say HELLO, I will be SHARING our magnificent HITS). HA HA—the words SHOUTED and BREATHING UP…..I wonder if the microphone will go out, and I will have to SHOUT my presentation so that everyone hears it. Yes, BREATHING would be up, but really BREATHING will be up anyway even without a broken microphone Smile

Group 3: AFTERWARDS MOVEMENT ROCKET. I think that the audience who hasn’t yet heard about Project August will be pleasantly surprised, and something about the NDC will resemble a ROCKET.

Group 4: How in the world can this not be DreamBot’s answer to Nanny’s Jade Helm request? Holy cow. I have an article that tickles this group, too, and it’s more in line with ISIS:
The article talks about another cartoon contest in Phoenix….it will be next a Mosque (PEW) and SUN is directly connected to Phoenix (so is HOT). So, we see SHOTGUN, MESS, NEIGHBORHOOD, CREEPY, and METAL (shots?)

In conclusion, each person should make their own assessment of whether Nanny’s request came through, but for me, it’s a big yes.

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:


RE: 5/29/15 DreamBot on the IASD Conference - Nanny - 05-29-2015

Just hung up phone with daughter that, coincidentally just had this all explained to her for the last hour! and she had a fREAKY dream last night that I'll be reporting later. Very symbolic. In fact, yesterday's bot run has three words pointing to her dreaming last night. she is not a known gifted dreamer.

I'm almost speechless....Eagle1! what in the world? I just expected maybe the word laptop or something, maybe just a hint but a clear hint maybe three words of the IASD.

It's early and I was on the phone from barely awakening so have to "do my routine."

I do know far as the past few days, daughter's dream was a message to me to never again directly address Chani or anything that I intuitively "know" suspect/think is a spirit. I thank creator for her dream because per my own belief system, "I knew better." But used the excuse that hey, chani may not even exist and if it does well maybe I'm wrong about it being demonic. "nuff of this, but I've got to "be real" with ya.

The last two incidents, and yesterday's number 3 word in the list were really enough to prove P2, and now today?! LOL! this is just unreal. So, I'll stop being my big-mouthed self Big Grin and be back later.

RE: 5/29/15 DreamBot on the IASD Conference - Nanny - 05-29-2015

I don't think it's proper to post a dream for a different person in the dream forum. Daughter's dream last night was short and simple, while powerfully symbolic.

She was in a house, walked around a corner and I was closing curtains as I always do once it's night-fall. Suddenly someone walked up to the window, I got a flashlight and shined it through the glass, and daughter was close enough to see all, by now.
It was a female, long black hair pulled-back, but with way too much eye makeup on, and she had two eyes on her stomach or abdomen areas.
Daughter said she was definitely evil and when the light shined on her, she reached toward me, trying to touch me with both arms, and daughter called on Jesus inside herself, lady-entity immediately disappeared, and daughter woke up.

That I didn't open the window is symbolic, but as she told this to me I knew I'm not going to ever directly call-out or address Chani or any entity again.
I like how I just wished at first, last night on that thread to have things in the botrun but then I did what I best never do again, directly talking to, and wrongly said "bot beast."

Some usual botrun comments.

I see "missile" that is also a military/wargame term, then "lucid" which will be discussed at the national conference I would think, or have already read somewhere.
Oh, LOL in Group 2 "hits hello" hit me because of the experiment statement I made, saying I couldn't keep getting hits. From my perspective it felt like "smartaleck" talking back. But the Group really does make sense as you posted, for the Conference.

I think we got excellent proof of botrun words or phrases often pointing to more than one event or issue, with Group 0! "quarters, powerful, bodies" sure speaks of military troops, too. Then "drill" sure is among other things, what they do as do even students having "fire drills."

I like Group 3! "afterwards" of the Conference I bet also that membership here is likely to experience "rocket movement."

Group 4, yes! Jade Helm, "metal, meeting, series, shotgun, neighborhood, mess, creepy, fence" which BTW I think* it was All News Pipeline that's so good on J.H. was where a picture was posted yesterday of a Walmart that's been closed for a few year. They NOW have a fence and I think the edge of the store lined with the most secure design of barbed wire and the author there found online where it says that this type of barbed wire is for "prisons" and names other high-security types of uses.

RE: 5/29/15 DreamBot on the IASD Conference - ThePaladin - 05-29-2015

One of the things I have been taught by my teachers is be very certain of your intent when you call in something because if you don't, you just might get something you don't want. In that vein, they also taught you do not want to go calling in or challenging an energy you might not know because you might get something you can't handle.

Good thing you didn't open the window in that dream.

RE: 5/29/15 DreamBot on the IASD Conference - Nanny - 05-29-2015

Yes, as she told me the dream I was catching symbolic messages as she went, and was thankful, too.

The LOL and having fun when talking to and about Chani the past week indeed was folly. I was 50/50 on whether or not it was even real. Now? well, you read my comments. Thanks~ I know by experience that your teachers are right. I knew better, but was I joking about something that didn't even exist? is how I felt at first.
The events this last week have been such a wild shock. Each time it's happened again, honestly shocked.