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Update: Upgrade Finished! - Eagle1 - 05-31-2015

Expect website outage for a few minutes while I upgrade the software starting at 5:00 PM EST. Should be about 15 minutes. Everything is backed up so that we won't have to endure another September 2014 incident.

RE: Upgrade Coming Today @ 5:00 EST - Eagle1 - 05-31-2015

Holy crap, Batman, we're new and fresh! Just upgraded the site without any hassles. Newest version supposedly fixes a bunch of the moderator flaws, so let's try it again....

UNREGISTERED GUESTS CAN NOW POST DREAMS WITHOUT REGISTERING; however, all those dreams will be moderated. It should work now, which means that registered guests shouldn't see any foreign gibberish nor any sex spam any longer. Unfortunately, moderators will.

Please let me know if you identify something that doesn't work, regardless of whether it worked in the past or not. Thank you!

RE: Update: Upgrade Finished! - twiceblessed9 - 05-31-2015

Nice job Boss!