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I am back - ThePaladin - 06-20-2015

However, I'm experiencing technical difficulties so there will be no CIP for this week. Sorry.

I got hacked and locked out of my laptop the day I got back. Since the official computer guru is now working in another state, I had to figure out how to fix things on my own(Or spend bucks letting the Geek Squad fix it for me. I figured what did I have to lose by noodling around on my own, right? Big Grin ) . Long story short, I'm back online but I think my mouse got fried because the left click button doesn't work now. If it ain't one thing, it's another.

RE: I am back - Eagle1 - 06-20-2015

Been there! Welcome back, DLP Smile

RE: I am back - twiceblessed9 - 06-20-2015

Welcome back!

RE: I am back - XeeMaye - 06-23-2015

Technology....awesome till it's not.
Welcome back!

RE: I am back - ThePaladin - 06-23-2015

Thanks, kids.

I'm still scarce because we're in the process of getting ready for a move AND I got sick. Like I said, if it ain't one thing, it's another. Big Grin