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Ohio/New York Event - insomniacs_dream - 06-30-2015

Let me preface this dream with the fact that I am in no way a football fan. I cannot tell you who played in the Super Bowl, any team names/locations, or players. That is why this dream stood out to me:

While asleep, I kept getting a repeat of several words, "Browns, football, Saint John." I then was shown a map similar to the global incident map, which showed some sort of catastrophic event with a large red dot over Ohio and New York.

I awoke knowing that this dream was significant, although I didn't know how. I quickly did a google search, and found out (unbeknownst to me) that the Cleveland Browns would have pre-season training in Rochester, New York at Saint John Fisher College on August 16th-18th. I've never heard of Saint John Fisher College before, so would have no way of knowing the location.  Huh

RE: Ohio/New York Event - Eagle1 - 06-30-2015

VERY interesting connections and research! Thanks for this dream, insomniac.