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A Collection of Items - Sherriann - 08-13-2015

Supercomputer Tianhe-1A shut down due to Tianjin blast
Two more incidents of Super Computers and High Particle Labs being shut down within same day
protvino moscow high particle shut down…/explosion-at-physics-lab-nea…/


CERN to create micro black hole in Sept

I have seen mention of this elsewhere. The 15th August, CERN, planetary alignments, and an incoming ‘wave’ of energy that will arrive at Earth in late September. Are you enjoying the recent coincidences? Are they coincidences? Or?????? And??? Paying attention? Can you afford not to be aware, at least?
Also see Simon Parkes -

Heads Up! Death Star! Why We May Soon Worry (Relatively) Less about Iranian Nukes

RE: A Collection of Items - *AD - 08-13-2015

Eagle 1!
This is the CERN issue we talked about popping up again!
Now Eagle, look at the 'failures!" I am going to stick my neck out to say
that some of the P2 work- does work! More to come. We shall see. Its ongoing.

Sherriann you rock!