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8/24/15 Red Alert: Drums (and Windy Persistent) - Eagle1 - 08-24-2015

Trending: drum windy persistent nicely cost princess sun concept created party highly mon practice knocking scare basement accepted circle class lighter achieve nights explore socks turtles challenge tar clarity calm there interact angel lucid really kicking blank analytics pocket works system
Waning: speak fight void stand job hole eating sat love bridge tree situation rock inner signs chased wrong given dance balloon tail beautiful yes pillow sea wed knife loved moon mansion marshall pen failing fairy fri

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Drum is a Red Alert and WINDY is well-established at position 2 with a whopping 74 surge score. Windy is, of course, a double (maybe triple) meaning:
1. The most obvious is a weather condition….windy. If this interpretation holds up, we’re looking at Persistent Windy conditions.
2. We all know who Windy is. I believe Group 1 might be giving Windy a reason to party.
3. The Windy City is Chicago. Maybe a headline is coming for that city that has something to do with Sun, Princess, and maybe a Party at a High-rise.

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RE: 8/24/15 Red Alert: Drums (and Windy Persistent) - twiceblessed9 - 08-25-2015

pillow sea and marshall
Could this be about the Marshall Islands?

marshall pen failing
Look for news that Penny Marshall is dying.

RE: 8/24/15 Red Alert: Drums (and Windy Persistent) - twiceblessed9 - 08-25-2015

Yesterday at a conference in Sweeden, Steven Hawking spoke about Hawking radiation. ( Yes, it is named after him).
-Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking doesn’t think black holes are so inescapable after all.

speak fight void stand job hole eating

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up,” he said in a lecture on Monday night Stockholm, Sweden. “There’s a way out.”

Theoretical physicists have long been puzzled over what happens to the information that composes matter when it goes into a black hole. The laws of quantum mechanics say that information can’t be destroyed — and yet that information seems to be lost when a black hole eventually evaporates.

“I propose that the information is stored not in the interior of the black hole as one might expect, but in its boundary, the event horizon,” he said on Tuesday.

The event horizon is the point of no return for matter being drawn toward a black hole. According to Hawking, that border area is sort of like a holographic representation of the black hole where information is stored. When Hawking radiation is emitted, that information is carried away, meaning no information is truly lost.

“The information about in-going articles is returned, but in a chaotic and useless form,” Hawking said. “This resolves the information paradox.”

P.S. I will remember this the next time I am inside a black hole...there IS a way out.