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PROJECT ANO 2015 CLIPS - *AD - 09-06-2015

Not sure if I am duplicating anything, yet it can't hurt. If it is confusing- then delete it.
2015 isn't over. Memes are either ongoing or unfolding with more clarification- it is last quarter of the year now, which is a longer time-frame and as suggested before the points of a dream can be distorted or influenced in the variable events that occur.

THE SPECIFIC LINGUISTICS IN THIS HEADLINE contagion has an initial connotation of something usually experienced in the medical/health care venue. However, as we see- it is a socio-economic-politcal context too.

"Main Topic Areas for 2015 Predictions:
Asia (for some reason this non-local region became pronounced during Proj Año)"
Socio-Economic Sphere

taken from-
Overlapping Linguistics
23. [i]enjoy powers falls
highway emotion despite tank double carry farm papers safety Chinese smell[/i]

and there is the truck/car predictive too that seem to be ongoing, with the three toxic explosions.

Año 14: January 2015 TIC re: Hitler/Nazi meme; on or about May 15, 2015 – Pope Francis announces sanctuary and begins recruiting the destitute.

Año 10 and 11:: Destruction of Europe (and/or this could be the) End of the Euro (or) Another round of economic crisis in Euro-land. continues although any monetary shift with recent DOW crashes, seems to be coming in the last quarter (10%) chance predicted back in January.
cash gone- "zombies" are the only ones allowed to have access to the populace money,...

lets not forget the military- Jade Helm military project isn't over yet.
Año 6.7.13: Ebola is hitting the news again too.
(Texas- Jade Helm's biggest detractor)
Overlapping Linguistics

12.   military project carrying brain pointed drop November lay sick (None of these words are on the Ano ranking list.)
Soldiers, as part of a military project (Africom in West Africa who departed for Sierra Leone after the end of November announcement), will begin getting sick from Ebola.

RE: PROJECT ANO 2015 CLIPS - *AD - 09-29-2015

Cleaning up some 'left overs' from Project Ano 2015- I noticed a news article that fit this word run-

12. military project carrying brain pointed drop November lay sick (None of these words are on the Ano ranking list.)