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It's over - esholars - 11-10-2015

11/10/2015 2:05-3:15 PM nap time
no intent
mood calm

My husband was standing at our bedroom door as I was napping, he woke me to tell me "It's over, they have shut it down, we are done!"
I took this to mean our country and I jumped up to go check the news.

I was throwing back the covers when I woke up and I was alone.

RE: It's over - Cassandra - 11-11-2015

Do you think "shut it down" meant the government?

RE: It's over - esholars - 11-11-2015

In the dream it was "Country".

RE: It's over - Sherriann - 11-11-2015

What was the message? We are done for... or we are done on a more positive note?

These short message dreams are real cliff hangers, aren't they? Cool

RE: It's over - Maysea - 02-09-2020

What could "shut down" America?

China is basically "shut down " atm due to Novel Corona virus 2019