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11/11/15 Difficult - Eagle1 - 11-11-2015

Trending: difficult buddy effective chasing fix bite asian therefore good challenge notified superman technique cried wrong thought dreamer wrapping than great emotion alt shift generic november climb purposes thanks crossed init added
Waning: sex happen total come river always glad language driver pulled there cool build better race peaceful vividness know elevator yeah intense black daytime date yesterday inside competition were lucid tall meat up days view class

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We’ve got a short list today because our collective dreamscape is apparently in a cyclic lull. The surge scores in this list drop off very quickly. I ran the bot a couple of times and everything checks out. It’s just one of those days where we have less dreams than normal.

There appears no real evidence of Veteran’s Day for today in this list, other than Buddy, which isn’t a real strong tie-in. I would like to highlight Asian and Superman. Those words seem to be sticking lately and represent big archetypes. The text version above of the Waning section reads like a XXX story.

Check out this lingo from the bottom section: Yeah intense black daytime. If this is predictive, it would explain why the collective is seeing "Difficult" at the very top of the run, and perhaps why we're being recommended to have a "Buddy."

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RE: 11/11/15 Difficult - Goldengirl - 11-11-2015

Yeah intense black daytime
This could apply to Vets with PTSD. Especially on Veteran's Day, when it's a day to reflect....

RE: 11/11/15 Difficult - ThePaladin - 11-11-2015

Read the first few words of the waning section and promptly dropped into jr. high mode. Big Grin

You can almost hear the bow-chika-wow music...

RE: 11/11/15 Difficult - twiceblessed9 - 11-11-2015

Now that I am reading this through your eyes...yep! haha
(11-11-2015, 01:58 PM)DLP Wrote: Read the first few words of the waning section and promptly dropped into jr. high mode. Big Grin

You can almost hear the bow-chika-wow music...

RE: 11/11/15 Difficult - *AD - 11-11-2015

Just popped in for a brief moment to peek at runs.
Saw this- wow what a message folks !

11:11 powerful energy.
some say it is the cabal number
I disagree
It is a dimensional doorway.

difficult buddy effective chasing asian bite fix
therefore notified challenge superman technique wrong
dreamer thought init good wrapping than great cried emotion
alt shift generic crossed
november climb purposes thanks added

Looks to me like allies in Asia coming together to fix what took a bite out of either profits or humanity
Taiwan already shaking hands with china
russia and someone else or other Asian comrades to ally themselves.

someone using strong meta-human tactics need to change coarse
Delete that program
We were already warned that November would be emotional after a reasonable September. Calm
before the dreaming storm and there are geomagnetic storms and radio blackouts abounding one after another.
Someone or something appreciates the collective dreaming purposes and forecasts for this month (Sherriann comes to mind) to see what mid november brings and we are almost there.
My take on it is to keep it lofty
and we may go through this adversity with a better flow and less emotion.
then we can relax a bit for the holidays.

Just sayin'
you all rock in my book.
You really do.
Love the new input from new members and elders.
I am proud to be on your radar.
Heart Blush Cool Big Grin