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Always remember - Goldengirl - 05-21-2016


RE: Always remember - Cassandra - 05-21-2016

One time I asked the Good Lord, "where do I come from?" I was told, "you were created from a Star called Love". Thank you Goldengirl for posting this poem and triggering that memory.

RE: Always remember - Nanny - 05-21-2016

Goldengirl, Love it and Julie, precious to hear that from ya.

May we each shine so brightly that we eventually need sunglasses with each other and then multiply this by many millions.

The Age of Light and only light is just around a painful bend in the road. '

It's almost here.

RE: Always remember - twiceblessed9 - 05-21-2016

A beautiful poem, thanks GG. Julie, I love your comment about love.