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6/4/16 Complicated Tar Animals - Eagle1 - 06-04-2016

Trending: complicated butt strife riding tar animals dust fri snow dead dog pain rat energy sweet brad broadway turkey blank june hide smiling self often makes particular represent tongue true deep
Waning: game care snakes park sex odd thank known gab surprise dream bed jim yeah up wow bang detailed late mon

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RE: 6/4/16 Complicated Tar Animals - Nanny - 06-04-2016

"complicated butt strife" so somebody's a pain in the "butt" and "tar" telling us it's a difficult/sticky situation?

"brad" and "jim?" "dust" and "snow?" in or even mid mid-July? is this about cocaine or some powdered drug??

"dog, rat, turkey & snakes?" all metaphor for a group in DC? LOL or hollyweird? like a reference to a modern-day "rat"-pack?? LOL could be..

"gab surprise" interesting as gab is hanging around. If this is about the economy and coming "gab" then heads-up, what will they be suggesting to prevent a crash? Q4 would not be a surprise, so....

RE: 6/4/16 Complicated Tar Animals - twiceblessed9 - 06-04-2016

tar animals makes me think of an oil spill.
Each animal seems to be paired with a verb that makes sense when put together.
dead dog
broadway turkey (show flop)
rat energy (could be like a hamster wheel)
care snakes