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Major Footbridge Breaks - Iris - 07-09-2016

Intent: Major summer news event

Very brief dream: A large, very wide, arched footbridge that can accommodate hundreds of people is broken. However, due to its importance, the repair work begins immediately and it returns to use much sooner than anticipated. I had the brief thought 'July'

CAME TRUE RE: Major Foot Bridge Breaks - Iris - 07-20-2016

Came true:

the photos of this incident shows people walking and working on the bridge before the crane collapsed, which is perhaps why I interpreted the bridge as a foot bridge, since no cars were evident

RE: Major Footbridge Breaks - twiceblessed9 - 07-20-2016

Well done Iris!

RE: Major Footbridge Breaks - Iris - 07-20-2016

ty, TB9!