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Explosion and a robot using automatic gun fire - MTB_forums - 07-24-2016

No intention. Most of this dream disappeared in the morning, and then I saw an article about the marines potentially using robotic "assistants" on the battlefield.

In the dream, I have landed in an airplane. I believe its some sort of private plane based on the seating configuration. We have exited the plane and gone to a hotel. From the hotel we are then going to another location. As I recall, we are in the private plane, which is now going down the streets. But at the same time, we are also walking and bicycling down the street. The plane is there with us when we arrive at a location, and there is an explosion in front of us. We all exit the plane (although I remember I wasn't in the plane before the explosion); I am looking forward towards where the explosion occurred; there is some sort of a robotic device that then open fire at things that were in front of us. It is some kind of rotarty gun, very high calibre, as it literally explodes things in front of it as it fires. I run to find cover, and continue to watch hoping that the device will not turn and start firing in my direction. I eventually escape under a fence; prior to that, I had the sense that there were troops behind me in addition to being in front of me, and that those troops would potentially shoot at me if they saw me.