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Traveling dream - Goldengirl - 08-29-2016

Three part dream.

Part one I am following my boss around in someone else's offices. We are sitting on the floor with our laptops trying to get some work done. I feel displaced and in the way the whole time. At some point I get up and leave him and go exploring.

Part two I am driving in a small town down a tree-lined Main Street. I have been here in my dreams before, it feels very nice and familiar. The area is hilly and a gorgeous green. I'm driving in what seems to be a historic district. I stop to let a man cross in the cross walk, and he stops and calls out a friendly greeting. I am happy to be here, this is where I belong.

Part three I am walking down a sidewalk, and run back into my boss. My hands are cold, and I see him put his hands up to a metal box on a pole and warm them. But when I go and do the same my hand gets caught in the machine briefly. I feel injured, bruised and not happy.

Happy to be dreaming again! Woo hoo!!!

RE: Traveling dream - Cassandra - 08-29-2016

Yea! Good to see you remembering your dreams. Big Grin