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Cryptic Ancient Greek/Math? - DreamerOracle - 01-12-2017

Hi All,
       Had a rather strange set of symbols in a waking dream as follows, Dream: I had just had my hair cut and I was inspecting the back of my head and the hairdresser had left this set of letters/symbols shaved into my hair
[img][Image: Dream%20Image_zpswgdapxuh.jpg][/img]

I real puzzle... Either Ancient Greek or Mathematics/Geometry Huh

RE: Cryptic Ancient Greek/Math? - ThePaladin - 01-13-2017

While the entire grouping reminds me of some of the math problems the younger kid deals with (physics degree), where there are no letters, just symbols, I'm also struck by how the symbols on the bottom of the grouping look like the word "BURN."

It's tough to interpret the symbols when we have no idea what they represent. Numbers? Values of some sort? No idea at all.

RE: Cryptic Ancient Greek/Math? - pink Rose - 01-19-2017

I am also struck too how the symbols on the bottom of the grouping look like the wort "Burn."
The b looks like a sharp s in the german language !
This is interesting?

RE: Cryptic Ancient Greek/Math? - twiceblessed9 - 01-19-2017

Well, this doesn't mean anything in Greek. So, perhaps math or I wonder , maybe Russian?