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Bomb in Poland - Maat - 07-22-2017

Woke up on Monday, August 17 with sense of danger of a bomb going off in Poland.  Medium-large bomb.  Not sure what type.  More a message than a dream.  Not related to anything in my daily life, but Polish on my father's side.

RE: Bomb in Poland - Goldengirl - 07-22-2017

Hi Maat - you said you woke up on August 17th. I take it you woke up in the dream and somehow knew it was August 17th of this year?

RE: Bomb in Poland - Maat - 10-23-2020

A medium-large bomb exploded/was detonated in Poland recently. Relic of WWII.

RE: Bomb in Poland - Eagle1 - 10-24-2020

Very nice, Maat!!