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Bernie Sanders - Ridley - 12-01-2017

Dream of November 28, 2017.  In this dream I am talking with MH, the mother of a childhood friend, that I have not seen in years.  She is quite a 'character.'  As she talks to me, there is a TV playing in the room.  A news story comes on that states that Mr. Bernie Sanders has died of a heart attack or stroke. That seems to be all of the dream.  This dream was not the more intense type that I have sometimes but I thought it should be posted.

RE: Bernie Sanders - twiceblessed9 - 12-01-2017

Thanks Ridley. I am glad you posted it , but hope it does not come true anytime soon.

RE: Bernie Sanders - Ridley - 10-09-2019

Follow up.  He didn't die and I am glad of that.  But Bernie Sanders did have a heart attack just a few days ago.  His treatment included the placement of two stents.