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Shooting - twiceblessed9 - 08-26-2018

I was on the fence about whether to post this dream since I did not originally remember much of it. My mind changed however after learning my daughter had a similar dream within a day of me.

In my dream I was in a large public building of some sort. It had different corridors ( perhaps connecting the building to a parking garage) and I was running to find a place to hide. There were multiple gunmen shooting it seemed. I found myself with a group of others, strangers, and we huddled together as we heard a gunman approach. I prepared myself to be killed. He fired into the crowd (us) and many around me died. I survived and then awoke.

In my daughter's dream, she was at a mall with her boyfriend and other friends when a lone shooter began shooting. She hid with the others in a department store.

Thoughts. My building could have been a mall, arena or big office complex. I was only in the back park of it so it was difficult to tell.
The dreams either occurred on the same night or within a day of each other. I have never had a similar dream to my daughter at the same time. The last time my daughter had a dream of a shooting, it was within a few days of the Vegas shooting and mirrored that shooting very well including a high-rise and SWAT police dressed in SWAT type gear.

RE: Shooting - twiceblessed9 - 08-26-2018

I will do some research on the building but it appears this is a hit.
This is very sad and I am so tired of shootings.

RE: Shooting - Eagle1 - 08-26-2018


RE: Shooting - Cassandra - 08-26-2018

Crap is right. That event sure did happen quickly after ya'll dreams
Yep, I'm tired of all the insanity too.

I want to start dream "good, happy, events