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That thing in the sky - Kelley - 09-07-2018

I was someplace in the mountains. I was having to walk to work. It was a rainy place where everytime it would rain the soft dirt on the mountains would shift and the path to work would be different. As I was walking my path I looked up in the sky and saw the "thing". It looked like a lace cookie except it was diamond shaped instead of round. I fumbled with the camera around my neck to try and get a picture of it before it disappeared. The thing would appear and disappear at intervals. Maybe the scientists knew if the intervals were exact but I didn't.
Dreamed 9-7-2018

RE: That thing in the sky - twiceblessed9 - 09-07-2018

Hi Kelly!

That is a cool dream. I love your description of the lace cookie as well as how the path changed from the weather.