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White Bear Dream, 2/20/19, am - Cassandra - 02-20-2019

Last night had walk-about dream of white Bears. I am sitting on bare ground in what feels like a room in a cave. I feel something on my head and back. My Spirit separates from my body and I can now see what is on my head. It's a white bear and I think, hummm is it going to bite my head? Then I get closer and see it's not alive, the head of the Bear is hollow and it's on my head somehow like a helmet. The body part of the Bear is flat so I am thinking it's a stuffed bear or just the skin of it. I get back in my body and think hummm, this is weird, I'm going to leave.

I walk to another cave room. I sit down and see a white Bear again and this one is alive. I think hummm, this one is alive and can bite me. It walks around me sniffing me. I laid down on the ground and the Bear lays down next to me. I am afraid to move, so I decide to make friends with it so I can walk away without being bitten. I try to relax talking softly to the Bear. Then I sit up and see other animals, owl, wolf and crow. They are all sitting around relaxing. The bear isn't completely relaxed so I am wondering just how long I'll sit here before I can leave. Then Bear decided to walk away and I take that opportunity to leave the cave room. Outside the cave room, I see other people walking by. I hear someone say, I wonder what's in that room, pointing to the room I just exited. I said, there is a huge white Bear in there, so be careful. He smiled and said thank you.