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Oprah Winfrey ; special donations - Ridley - 02-21-2019

This dream may not be completed yet and I will return and edit and add more later if I have more to share.  In the dream I see Oprah Winfrey standing on the beach with her back to the ocean.  She looks toward the land.  First it seems like a game.  But it is serious.  She is donating something very important and personal to couples. (30 or monthly?)  She is donating 'senses.'  Also there is something very personal involved here with Ms. Winfrey, perhaps  her health or somehow involving her breasts. 
(This is the type of dream that I would go to a friend and talk with them privately about it if it involved them.  But because I do not know how to get with Ms. Winfrey I will post it here.)