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Terrorist attack on library - Kelley - 03-07-2019

I dreamed that I was at work (I work at a library in real life) and I saw an employee escorting 3 suspicious people around in an "employees only" area. They were dressed in normal street clothes but they were acting nervous. Purportedly they were county employees, but I wondered why they were not wearing their county i.d. badges if they were county employees. The more I thought about these 3 people, the more worried I became, trying to decide if I should voice my concerns. I knew that at least one of the 3 realized that I knew something wasn't right because of the looks we exchanged. Before I knew it, the library was filled with rifle-toting terrorists. They took the patrons and staff hostage. I happened to be near the loading dock when I realized what was happening and I made a hasty escape, with a terrorist shooting at me and other hostages watching. I made it to safety but I left my purse behind. I didn't have my cell phone to make any calls nor my car keys to go anywhere. I felt guilty about waiting too long to say anything about the 3 suspicious people and for making it out of the library while the others were left behind.
The library in my dream didn't look exactly like the library I work in, so I was thinking, maybe this attack is taking place someplace else. All I can say is, I have no time frame for the attack, although the weather was nice, not hot or cold.


RE: Terrorist attack on library - Eagle1 - 03-07-2019

You and everyone else dreaming about aggression and terror....

RE: Terrorist attack on library - Kelley - 03-08-2019

For a long time I haven't been remembering dreams very much but this week I have been remembering lots of dreams. Perhaps it is the position of the planets!


(03-07-2019, 10:07 PM)Eagle1 Wrote: You and everyone else dreaming about aggression and terror....

RE: Terrorist attack on library - Ridley - 03-15-2019

It is interesting that you would post this dream a week before the horrible terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. 49 people were killed and about 50 more injured.  I know you did not mention location as in a town.  But many people think of a library as a special place of quiet and contemplation almost a type of sanctuary.