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Tornado and Unstable House - Elyse - 05-18-2019

I had this dream a day or two ago right after the squirrel poison dream. I was in a big, fancy 3 floor house. I had a bunch of "fancy" visitors. Not long after they had arrived, there was a huge tornado. I tried to have everyone evacuate to the basement, but had a hard time getting them to do so, because somehow, the floor just above the basement was flooded, but the basement, amazingly, was not. The tornado did quite a bit of damage and I guess at some point everyone left, because I was there alone with my children assessing the damage. It seemed like a lot to deal with at the time, so I went to bed and woke up.

I woke up to a loud pop. A round piece of ceiling had popped out onto the bed. On the back of the chunk of ceiling was some kind of black thing that I assumed to be some sort of recording device. Looking up through the hole, I could see things from the children's room. I wondered into the living room and sat on the couch, and I noticed a big, square piece of the house missing. I looked up into it, and saw a bouncy horse from the children's room and a piece of blanket from my room above that as well. I knew that was dangerous and I'd need to fix it immediately. I didn't know if it was damage from the tornado, or just poor craftsmanship. Because of the shape and location, I decided it was poor craftsmanship and was amazed the house was even standing after that tornado.

I went back into what I guess was a guest room, where I had been sleeping before. I noticed that the corner where the walls connect had sunlight shining through. I went outside and pushed the wall, but pushed it too hard and had the walls overlap. Then I pushed it the other way and had the corner open a whole foot. These walls moved like they were made out of paper, or foam. How did we survive the tornado?! I realized I was alone, and thought maybe we didn't... but that was ridiculous, because how could I move things if I was dead?

Throughout the dream I tried to repair the house and a nearby shed. The more I repaired, the worse the house was, it seemed. It didn't take long to realize that this house was not safe to live in and I was very distraught. I went into the nearby shed to find my ex-sister-in-law there. She said that she had done a search online for me and houses and found that I already had a house. It was left to me by someone in my family, but from a different family name. Not my last name, but one closely related. I thought that was odd, but was delighted, because I could see the house in my minds eye. It was perfect. It was more than perfect even. It was beautiful. It was my dream house! I was angry that my parents had kept this a secret from me, but pleased with the timing.

I began making plans to move into the house. I couldn't wait to call my boyfriend and tell him the good news~ as I was making plans, someone from my family was urging me not to move into the house. If I did, people from one side of my family would constantly come over and want to vent their problems. I told them I didn't mind that at all. In fact I welcome it. I've spent a long time kept as a prisoner, I felt, with next to no adult interaction. Id be happy to have visitors, AND I'd be happy to help family with their problems, even if all I can do is offer to lend an ear.

After that they started talking to me about getting a prenup. This was a person with plenty of failed attempts at marriage and also in the middle of a very unstable marriage, due to trust issues... among other things. I took what they said with a grain of salt. They were trying to convince me that I couldn't trust my own judgement and that I shouldn't trust the man I was with with the house should we marry.

I simply told them that if I trusted this man with my children and my own life, what's a house?